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  • AJ Cochrane

    AJ Cochrane

    Business Development Manager: Inland Region

    AJ’s role is to build, develop and support new and existing Harcourts offices, ensuring that all agents and business owners in his region are well equipped to provide their buyers and sellers the best service possible. AJ facilitates the leading-edge in tools and technology, as well as training and coaching in practical skills and leadership development to make certain his people remain at the top of the real estate game.

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  • Anton Jansen van Vuuren

    Anton Jansen van Vuuren

    Chief Operating Officer

    Anton ensures the functionality, relevance and evolution of all the technology and systems implemented by Harcourts South Africa. He constantly assesses and improves our systems and processes to ensure the offices and consultants have the best technology to be leaders in their industry and to provide exceptional service. He also assists Harcourts International in developing leading-edge technology. Harcourts South Africa’s online presence also forms part of Anton’s profile, as well as distressed sales and technology for the RentalsDotCom division.

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  • Carina Hambloch

    Carina Hambloch

    Head of Finance & Human Resources

    Carina manages the accounts for Harcourts South Africa. Her role involves invoicing of royalty fees; distressed sales commission and other fee income; collating, calculating and loading of monthly franchise debit orders; capturing of the cashbook and reconciliation to the bank statement; making EFT payments to suppliers, staff and franchisees and processing of payroll for Harcourts head office staff.

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  • Christel Willett

    Christel Willett

    Head of Marketing, Brand & Communications

    As the Head of Marketing for Harcourts South Africa, Christel is the foremost guardian and architect of Harcourts South Africa’s visual identity. She liaises and maintains relationships with all offices as well as Harcourts International to establish and uphold brand specifications as well as facilitate world-leading marketing implementation nationwide via a broad spectrum of media platforms. Christel strives constantly to deliver a first-rate marketing service to our people that is parallel with Harcourts’ values and long-term objectives. She also manages public relations and communications including social media.

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  • Gael Hodgson

    Gael Hodgson

    Head of Academy & Client Experience

    As Head of the Academy Gael’s focus is the development and growth of our team members through upskilling, training and coaching. She ensures that all the programmes available through the Harcourts Academy are delivered to all regions by co-ordinating and implementing the Corporate Training calendar. Gael also correlates the legislative training in Harcourts to ensure our team members are qualified and compliant . She is also our Harcourts Inspirational Women Ambassador for South Africa and heads up the Client Experience initiative.

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  • Igno Vivier

    Igno Vivier

    Head of Auctions

    Igno has been in the property industry since 2005. He has excellent knowledge and understanding of the industry as a whole. He has been a top achiever in his office since he joined Harcourts in 2014. The experience he gained in various areas of the country, and the network of people he has connected with over the years makes him effective and efficient in finding solutions and serving his clients with excellence. He enjoys following local, national and international news on markets and trends and he regularly does training and are well informed about the industry. You can trust that you are dealing with a true property professional. "I have a great passion for people, music, technology, and business in general.” What Igno loves the most about being in Real Estate is working with people daily. His ability to see exactly what the need is and fining a way to fulfill that is what makes him different form all the rest. His business is one of adding value and strives to leave a client enriched with an experience shaped by honesty and dedication. He aspires to help people build their future through giving realistic, truthful and relevant guidance and advice, regardless of his gain. "Just as your home is more than just brick and mortar, selling or buying is more than just paper work, it's personal." When you go through this rolar coaster experience with Igno you can be assured of his professionalism and service to get you through enriched on the other side.

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  • Jenny Swanson

    Jenny Swanson

    Head of Events, Foundation & Partnerships

    Jenny Swanson heads up all corporate events. She also manages key partnerships and the Team Benefit programme. Jenny is also the Harcourts Foundation ambassador for South Africa.

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  • Kobus Louw

    Kobus Louw

    Business Development Manager: Western Cape & Port Elizabeth

    Kobus maintains a positive and inspirational approach, as well as a stellar channel of communication with all agents and business owners within the Western Cape and Port Elizabeth regions, enabling smooth and productive business strategy for his branches.

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  • Richard Gray

    Richard Gray

    Chief Executive Officer : South Africa

    Richard’s primary role is to provide the vision, strategy, and direction for Harcourts and to ensure this strategy is implemented and executed. He also manages key relationships with Harcourts International, industry bodies, and our business partners. Managing our investments and ensuring that Harcourts remains financially sound forms part of Richard’s role as well. The corporate governance of the company is Richard’s responsibility – being accountable to our Franchise Council, Board, and shareholders. Richard also ensures delivery of the tools and services necessary for our offices and their people to be successful. He maintains a work environment where every team member understands their role within Harcourts – and is always given the opportunity to both fulfill that role and to grow.

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  • Robyn Evans

    Robyn Evans

    Business Development Manager: KwaZulu-Natal & East London

    Robyn is known for her hands-on, personal approach to business development in the KZN and East London regions. She brings to the mix her hands-on, over 15 years of industry expertise, applying her vibrant personality, flair for business and her passion for people, which is why those she works with are always both smiling and successful.

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  • Zelda Wessels

    Zelda Wessels

    Business Operations Manager

    For the past eight years, Zelda worked at two major property portals in South Africa. Her career initially started as the System Trainer, and then moved into a sales position as Account Executive at Private Property. For the last four years, she was a Customer Relationship Manager at Property 24 and serviced most of the Harcourts offices in KwaZulu-Natal. During this period, she learnt a lot about the real estate industry and the systems used by all the real estate franchises. She handled customer queries, sales and trained agents on various products and tools to assist in their day-to-day operation. Zelda loves technology and understanding how systems and technology can improve the lead generation of an agent and an office. She is passionate about service delivery and enriching other people’s lives and knowledge. Her clients are her passion and making them succeed is her goal in business.

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